Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art and Design (JSSH06)

Year 1 Entry

Admission Policy of
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in
Art and Design (JSSH06)

Programme Introduction

The BA in Art and Design is a unique and integrative creative study of art and design with “a problem-solving capability and a new way of thinking that promotes value adding and advocates inter-disciplinary collaboration.” The programme aims to provide graduates for Hong Kong as a creative nexus of culture and economy, construction of cultural districts showcasing international art and design exhibitions, trade and fairs with emphases on application and technology: applications in social and business environment such as brand curating, place making and community building, public art and co-creation; state-of-the-art technology such as AI, VR, AR and Digital Art.

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Admission Assessment

  • Where necessary, admission interview will be arranged for selective applicants and applicants should submit a portfolio of relevant art and design work.
  • If applicants are invited for interview, they are required to attend according to the scheduled time and date. Lower priority will be given to those applicants who fail to do so.
  • Interview will be conducted during the period from June to July every year. Selective applicants will be notified of the details via email.

Admission Policy

  • Applicants must fulfill the general entrance requirement.
  • BA-AD programme adopts a Best Five Subject# policy. The admission score is calculated based upon the summation of the best five subjects. Besides, the performance in the interview will also be considered in the calculation.
# No more than ONE Category B or Category C subject will be included in the Best Five Calculation.