Fees and Bursaries

Fees and Bursaries

Fees of Self-financing Undergraduate Programmes

Local student1
(in HKD)
Non-local student1
(in HKD)
Application fee (per programme)$100$200
YearFull Tuition FeeTuition Fee after
Deduction of NMTSS Subsidy
3, 4
Full Tuition Fee
First-year tuition fee2
[Other Undergraduate Programmes]
First-year tuition fee2
[Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art and Design ONLY]

Application Fee (Per programme)
Local student1: HK$100
Non-local student1: HK$200
First-year tuition fee2 (BAAD)
Local student1:
Year 2: HK$110,710 / HK$77,510
(After deduction of NMTSS subsidy3, 4)
Year 3: HK$122,250 / HK$89,050
(After deduction of NMTSS subsidy3, 4)

Non-local student1:
Year 2: HK$166,060
Year 3: HK$183,370
First-year tuition fee 2 (Other UG programmes)
Local student1:
Year 2: HK$88,130 / HK$54,930
(After deduction of NMTSS subsidy)
Year 3: HK$99,680 / HK$66,480
(After deduction of NMTSS subsidy)

Non-local student1:
Year 2: HK$132,190
Year 3: HK$149,520


  1. Please click here for the definitions of local and non-local students.
  2. Starting from the 2019/20 cohort, HSUHK may adjust the annual tuition fee for the subsequent years of study according to the Composite Consumer Price Index (CCPI) announced by the HKSAR Government.
  3. Non-means-tested Subsidy (AY2022/23: HK$33,200; AY2023/24: To be confirmed by EDB) has been deducted, which is only applicable to eligible local students.
  4. The Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme (NMTSS) is tenable for the normal duration of the programme.

HSUHK Entrance Bursary Scheme

For candidates who are admitted to an undergraduate programme with genuine financial hardship may receive one-off bursaries valued up to HK$20,000 each, depending on the candidates’ financial background.

Government Subsidies

To full-time local students, the Government is providing:

Non-local students who require a student visa to study in Hong Kong need to fund their own study and living expenses in Hong Kong.

On-campus Accommodation

Approximately 1,200 bed places are currently available. Senior-year non-local students can submit applications for on-campus accommodation if needed, which is no guarantee.