Applicants seeking admission to a taught postgraduate programme should hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or equivalent; and with documentary evidence demonstrating the applicant’s English proficiency.

Applicants must provide documentary evidence demonstrating his / her English proficiency*, which may include:

  • A minimum of 550 (paper-based); 79 (internet-based) in TOEFL / TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition@ ; or
  • A minimum of 6.0 in IELTS / IELTS Online / IELTS Indicator; or
  • A minimum of 430 in College English Test-Band 6 (CET-6) or “Pass” if the test was taken before June 2005 ; or
  • Equivalent of the above

@ TOEFL and IELTS results are considered valid two years from the test date. 

Individual programmes may stipulate a higher English proficiency requirement. Please refer to individual programme’s information / website for details.

* Except Master of Arts in Chinese (MA-CHI) programme

Starting from the September 2024 intake, the following test results will not be considered as meeting the English language requirements:

  • Duolingo

Please refer to here for the application deadline for respective programmes.

Applicant is required to upload the transcripts and graduation certificate, if applicable. The original or officially certified copies of the documents are required for verification when you received a firm offer from the University.

Documents not in English should be accompanied by a formally certified English translation.

The application fee for each programme/ each stream is HK$400 which is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please follow the payment instructions and settle the application fee accordingly.

You will receive an acknowledgement email if you have submitted your online application successfully.

Depending on the programme you apply for, applications may be reviewed as soon as they are received.

A copy of a document that has been duly declared as a true copy before a notary public (e.g. a Commissioner for Oaths at a District Office in Hong Kong), or certified by the appropriate officials of your institution if you are an overseas applicant.

If you already have established a user account for your application, please login through Postgraduate Admission System to retrieve your application.
Credit transfer and module exemption may be granted for modules at the same level completed successfully at the University or in another accredited tertiary institution. The maximum number of credit units transferred and the number of module exempted is specified by the programme and shall not exceed 50% of the total credit units or the module requirements of the programme. The credits to be transferred or modules to be exempted should normally be earned not more than eight years before admission to the University. Application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Not all programmes require an interview / test and the arrangements also vary from year to year.

Though late applications may be accepted on a place-available basis, at the discretion of the relevant department, you are advised to submit your application as early as possible. For some programmes, applications are processed on a rolling basis. Review of applications will start before the deadline and continue until all places are filled.

Successful applicant can view online, their offer letter with the “Important Notes for Applicants on Acceptance of Offer” and other information about admission to the University via their application account. The acceptance of offer must be accompanied by full payment of the acceptance fee by the specified deadline.

Students will be invited for enrolment after they have accepted the admission offer and settled the acceptance fee. However, students given conditional offer will normally be invited for enrolment after condition(s) of offer is / are met. Students will receive an email reminder to retrieve the enrolment letter available from their online application account. Please download and present the letter for enrolment and note that no hardcopy of the letter will be sent to applicants. The acceptance of offer must be accompanied by full payment of the enrolment deposit by the specified deadline. Students will be notified of the arrangements for class schedule and course registration near the start of the semester.

Local student could apply for Continuing Education Fund (CEF). Please visit their website for application forms and guidance notes.

Local students could also apply for Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS). The maximum loan amount will be capped at the tuition fee level. Interested students may enquire at 2150-6223 or visit the website of Student Finance Office for application forms and guidance notes.

Definition of Local and Non-local Students

Local Students

Students who hold the following visa / permit issued by the Director of Immigration are regarded as local students:

  1. Permanent HKID Card
  2. Documents issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department showing right to land / right of abode in Hong Kong
  3. One-way Permit for entry to Hong Kong
  4. Full-time employment visa / work permit
  5. Dependant visa (students who were below 18 years old when they were issued with such visa / entry permit by the Director of Immigration)
  6. Visa / entry permit for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
  7. Visa / entry permit for Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
  8. Visa / entry permit for Admission Scheme for the Second Generation of Chinese Hong Kong Permanent Residents
  9. Visa label for unconditional stay

Non-local Students

Students who hold the following visa / permit issued by the Director of Immigration are defined as non-local students:

  1. Student visa / entry permit
  2. Visa under the Immigration Arrangement for Non-Local Graduates (IANG)
  3. Dependant visa / entry permit (students who were 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa / entry permit by the Director of Immigration)

According to the regulations stipulated by the Immigration Department, non-local students who do not have the right of abode / right to land in Hong Kong are required to apply for a valid HKSAR student visa / entry permit through their Hong Kong institutions, which will take up the sponsorship for their studies in Hong Kong. HSUHK will assist those admitted students in applying for student visa / entry permits. Persons with visitor visas are not allowed to study in Hong Kong.

Since 2008, non-local undergraduates can apply via the Hong Kong Immigration Department for staying in Hong Kong for job search. Please approach the Hong Kong Immigration Department for further information and application procedure.