Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Data Science and Business Intelligence (JSSH04)

Year 1 Entry

Admission Policy of
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in
Data Science and Business Intelligence (JSSH04)

Programme Introduction

The BSc-DSBI Programme is the first in Hong Kong to integrate “Data Science” and “Business Intelligence” with a comprehensive business education to answer the market needs in one innovative degree programme.

Data Science: A collection of analytical skills and techniques derived from mathematics, statistics and computer science for extracting information from data.

Business Intelligence: The analysis, integration and presentation of information for making business decision.

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Admission Assessment

  • Written test is not required.
  • Interview will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Interview will be conducted during the period from June to July every year. Selective applicants will be notified of the details via email.

Admission Policy

  • To be eligible for consideration for admission, JUPAS applicants must first fulfill the following programme’s minimum entrance requirements (“332A2”):
    1. Chinese Language and English Language: Level 3
    2. Mathematics (Compulsory Part):  Level 2
    3. Citizenship and Social Development: Attained
    4. One elective subject: Level 2
  • Once the programme’s minimum entrance requirements are fulfilled, BSc-DSBI Programme adopts a Best Five Subject policy with Mathematics (Compulsory Part) inclusive for selection purposes. Admission score is calculated based on the total score of the best five subjects# (Mathematics (Compulsory Part) inclusive). Please note that Citizenship and Social Development will not be included in the best five calculation.

#Best five subjects include core subjects, Category A electives and M1/M2.

Non-academic Consideration

For applicants with the same admission scores, consideration will be made on a basis of other available information including band choices, interview performance, OEA, SPN, etc.